Our Team

Adam Endress, President

Adam grew up working on the family farm and for his father, building bins and erecting small hoop buildings.  He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in finance in 2004, and has been with Macon since the beginning. He and his wife Brittany have four children – three girls and a boy, which takes up most of his free time. In the remaining few minutes he has, he enjoys singing, traveling, the financial markets and spending time with his church family. He is a member of the Apostolic Christian Church. He enjoys finding ways to help the company run smoothly and efficiently.

Phil Endress, VP of Sales & Engineering

Phil joined Macon in 2014. He graduated with a degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois in 2006, and spent the next 7 years working at Exelon Nuclear as an engineer at LaSalle Station before joining the family business. He and his wife Beth and their three children live in Wyoming, IL and enjoy family time and traveling. He is a coffee connoisseur and enjoys buying green coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them. He is a member of the Apostolic Christian Church, where he teaches Sunday School.

Nick Hoerr, Territory Manager

Nick has been a Territory Manager with Macon since 2013, and has been involved in the construction industry his whole life. He grew up working with his dad in the family’s construction company building homes. He spent almost 10 years working as a sales consultant in the ag industry before coming to work for Macon as their territory manager. Nick has been married to his wife Kristen since 2013, and they live with their two children in Indianapolis. He enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and is a Sunday School teacher at his church. He was also very excited to see his beloved Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2016, 9 days before his son was born. Nick enjoys working with you on the front end of the process, helping you with your design and budget, and seeing your ideas come to fruition.

Brett Stegall, VP of Operations

Brett has been with Macon since the beginning and has been vital to its success. Before taking over his current role as VP of Operations, he managed the concrete and millwright crews in the field, streamlining many of our processes. And some years he has even been able to sleep a few nights in his own bed. Brett, his wife Becky, and their two kids are Tampa Bay Rays fans, and love to travel to different ballparks to watch them. Brett is involved with every aspect of the construction process, and enjoys bringing everything together in a timely manner.

Steve Stoller, Business Manager

Steve joined Macon in 2015, after spending almost 50 years working in the retirement home industry. He received his B.S. in organizational management from Goshen College. He and his wife of 43+ years have 6 children and 19 grandchildren, so one of his main hobbies is grandfathering. He also enjoys singing, reading, gardening and spending time with his church family. He is a member of the Apostolic Christian Church. Steve uses his extensive experience to work with our employees to navigate their health and retirement

Mark Thornton, Safety Director

Mark has worn several different hats before donning his current one as safety director. As former millwright supervisor and project manager, he is intimately familiar with all aspects of the construction process. This is extremely helpful in his work to keep our crews safe and effective. Mark and his children live in Toulon. Mark enjoys working out, spending time with his kids, and just sitting on the beach.

Benjamin Endress, Majority Owner

Ben grew up working for his dad, a farmer who put up bins during the summer.  After high school, he had the opportunity to buy a residential construction company, which eventually grew into a commercial construction company.  In 2007 he started the Ag division, renamed it Macon General Contractors, and also partnered with his brothers, Adam and Phil.  He and his wife Katie have 10 children, and in his spare time he enjoys camping, playing basketball with his boys and brothers, and reading.  He is active in his church, enjoys watching his kids in extracurricular activities, and is a connoisseur of ice cream.  Ben’s favorite quote is “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it but don’t have it”   Henry Ford. Ben enjoys working with dedicated employees, and seeing the team pull together to deliver projects for our customers.