Good Flat Storage

In today’s market, having cost-effective storage is key to your profitability. You need the space to capitalize on the carry in the market, but don’t want to tie up too much capital. Steel and concrete bins are user-friendly, but can be very costly, especially if you have poor soils. And having a million bushels or more in temporary bunkers can be stressful to manage correctly.
Macon General Contractors flat storage is the sweet spot between the two. Permanent, operator-friendly storage at a price that makes sense.

To some, flat storage is a four letter word. But Macon’s hoop structure buildings are easy to operate, maintain and clean out. The free-span trusses and 18’ concrete walls mean that there’s nothing to run into during the cleanout. The long lasting cover allows 50% of the natural light to bleed through, eliminating the need for much lighting, while creating a comfortable working environment. Reclaim tunnels, sweeps, and in-floor aeration also make the day to day operation pain-free.