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From engineering to concrete work, Macon Construction controls more aspects of the build project. This allows us to deliver quality while meeting tight deadlines — and at lower cost.

Highest customer satisfaction in fabric covered grain storage buildings

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01 Quoting
Our industry-seasoned sales people work with you to collect the information needed for an accurate quote, resulting in zero project overage.
02 Design
Once your contract is signed and measurements have been taken, our engineers design a customized storage solution, tailored for your site’s needs. As a result, your storage solution produces peak performance with near-perfect grain quality.
03 Construction
Building to spec from manufacturing and construction drawings, our highly trained crews erect your project in time to be filled at harvest, building and capitalizing in the same year.
04 QA
Our site managers oversee quality assurance so you don’t have to. We carefully test concrete and inspect rebar placement to ensure structural integrity.
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Over a decade of delivering optimized storage solutions for American grain elevators.

100 Million Bushels Built
110 Qualified Employees

“Our hoop shed keeps our wheat closest to original quality as possible. Ground piles have caused me grain quality issues in the past, and unlike bins, we can see and evaluate the grain quality within the hoop safely. Very minimal spoilage and a couple strong years on carry and we’ve already reached a dollar-per-dollar payback with the stored bushels. We’re very glad we decided not to wait another year or so to make this investment.”

Max Mobley, Operations Manager

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These expanding elevators and farmers acted fast to capitalize big on a high-yield crop in the same season.

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