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About Us
Storage Solutions to Help Feed the World


We construct quality, cost-effective, on time grain storage for our customers and provide safe, rewarding careers for our team.



Adam grew up working on the family farm and for his father, building bins and erecting small hoop buildings. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in finance in 2004, and has been with Macon since the beginning. He and his wife Brittany have six children – five girls and a boy, which takes up most of his free time. In the remaining few minutes he has, he enjoys singing, smoking meats, traveling, the financial markets and spending time with his church family. He is a member of YPO and he enjoys finding ways to help the company run smoothly and efficiently.


Phil joined Macon in 2014. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois in 2006 and spent the next 7 years working at Exelon Nuclear as an engineer at LaSalle Station before joining the family business. He and his wife Beth and their five children enjoy family time, singing, and traveling. He is a coffee connoisseur and enjoys buying green coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them. His family also enjoys spending time with their church family. Phil enjoys looking for better ways to do things – whether it’s up-front design, streamlined manufacturing or better integration of the team to complete projects on time and on budget.


Brett has been with Macon since the beginning and has been vital to its success. Before taking over his current role as VP of Operations, he managed the concrete and millwright crews in the field, streamlining many of our processes. And some years he has even been able to sleep a few nights in his own bed. Brett, his wife Becky, and their two kids are Tampa Bay Rays fans, and love to travel to different ballparks to watch them. Brett is involved with every aspect of the construction process, and enjoys bringing everything together in a timely manner.


Nick has been with Macon since 2012 and has been involved in the construction industry his entire life. He grew up working with his dad in the family’s construction company building homes. He spent almost 10 years working as a sales consultant in the ag industry before coming to work for Macon in the role of new business development.  Nick has been married to his wife Kristen since 2012, and they live with their three children in Indianapolis. He enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and teaching Sunday School at his church.  In addition, Nick loves spending time on the golf course and boating with his family.  Nick enjoys working with customers on the front end of the process, helping customers with design and budget, and seeing those ideas come to fruition.


Bryan was raised on a farm and started helping his father as soon as he was tall enough. His first construction job was with a residential concrete contractor. With that contractor’s retirement in 2012, Bryan began work with Macon on a memorable 103° day in Nebraska which luckily turned out to be not as bad as a 103° day in Illinois. Having worked alongside and supervised Macon’s crews in the field, Bryan has a sincere respect for the quality of their work and dedication to excellence. Bryan with his wife Becky, who shares his rural roots, cherish time with their three children. Away from work Bryan can be found tinkering with an old Ford pickup, drinking coffee on the deck, working on improvements around the house, or soaking the sun in at the beach.


Lydia was born, raised, and still resides in Wyoming, IL, and she has been with Macon since 2016. She attended Black Hawk College with an emphasis in accounting and served as Treasurer for the City of Wyoming from 2002 to 2010. She then worked on the safety team for a local manufacturer for six years. Lydia is well versed in the area of local, state, and federal requirements and strives to ensure that Macon is one of the safest companies to work for. In her spare time she gardens, fishes, cans vegetables, and vacations in Minnesota with her husband and daughter.



Andrew, from Chillicothe, Illinois, started out with Macon years ago and was on a team that went out to build hoop buildings in the field.  After that, he worked as a traveling welder, going to various locations in the U.S.  Next, he operated his own fabrication shop and employed other fabrication workers.  Andrew returned to Macon and now manages the manufacturing division, which manufactures the parts and assemblies that are sent out to the field to be installed on site.  Andrew enjoys spending time with his children and wife Rachel and enjoys Frozen video games with his daughter when he has down time.


Meaghan joined Macon in 2021.  With a degree in hotel management from Western Illinois University, she worked in the hospitality industry for years.  From cruise lines to amusements parks to restaurants and hotels, Meaghan is always up for an adventure and trying new things.  Her past experiences in business and payroll are used at Macon, where she focuses on payroll and other financial and business management tasks.  She especially enjoys working with our field employees and helping them navigate their issues on a daily basis.  With a love to travel, Meaghan has visited Hawaii, the Caribbean, and traveled parts of the U.S.  Meaghan enjoys spending time with her husband, Marc, and her two dogs, Lilo and Kai.  



Scott came to Macon in 2022 after years of teaching and directing school programs involving Spanish-speaking students and families.  He has a passion for teaching and improvement.  In addition to organizing and leading Macon’s marketing efforts, he works to recruit and train employees and enjoys using technology to improve the company’s processes.  Scott and his wife Mary delight in their daughter, Ivy.  In his free time, Scott continues to learn more Spanish and spends time with his family and church family.  


Brik began working with Macon in 2023.  A native of Princeton, Illinois, Brik attended Monmouth College where he majored in exercise science.  Brik played college football and baseball while at Monmouth.  In his position at Macon, he loves the challenge of trying to put all the puzzle pieces of logistics together.  He also appreciates that every day of his job is different.  Brik, father of three, likes to teach his children backyard sports with his wife, Brianna.  You can find them outside on a late night, with a bonfire, savoring smores and hot chocolates.  Brik, a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan, loves working out, an occasional demo derby, and landscaping.


Erin Alvarado began with Macon Construction in 2016.  He started as a millwright laborer, then got experience working on the cover crews, became a welder, and then spent years as a millwright supervisor.  Erin tremendously enjoys welding and fabricating.  Now, Erin enjoys organizing for his crews’ needs as well as visiting jobsites.  A people person, he loves interacting and being with his co-workers and teaching others. He feels very grateful to be part of the Macon team.  Erin was raised in Honduras and moved to the U.S. in 2008.  His father continues to operate a coffee farm in his homeland.  Erin’s wife, Claudia, treats their family to delicious Honduran meals.  When he’s at home in Nebraska, you can find Erin playing volleyball with his two young boys as well as taking his children to the park.


Ben grew up working for his dad, a farmer who put up bins during the summer. After high school, he had the opportunity to buy a residential construction company.  Eventually this grew into an agricultural construction company in which he partnered with his younger brothers Adam and Phil. He and his wife Katie have 10 children, and in his spare time he enjoys camping, playing basketball with his boys and brothers, and reading. He is active in his church, enjoys watching his kids in extracurricular activities, and is a connoisseur of ice cream. Ben’s favorite quote come from Henry Ford, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it but don’t have it.” Ben enjoys seeing the team pull together to deliver projects for our customers.


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Macon Construction is committed to providing a fulfilling work experience conducive to the well-being of our employees. That means we are continually building a workplace culture of safety as priority.

We continue to teach our employees safety and operational policies and procedures beyond OSHA compliance, utilizing knowledge tests and hands-on site training. In addition, we follow our clients’ specific safety policies.

Macon employs certified crane operators and is also a certified rigging contractor. The measures we take to prevent on-the-job injuries translates into value for our customer by avoiding delays and making deadlines.

“It is our goal for each employee to return happy and healthy to their families everyday. Our success comes with commitment to working safely every time.”

— Lydia Down, Safety Director



115 million bushels built to date


75 million bushels built to date


Brock Steel Bin Dealer


10 million total bushels built


Moved to current Bradford, Illinois headquarters


Sioux Steel ProTec Dealer


First Hoop Building


Endress Equipment began putting up farmer grain bins