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Landus Cooperative – Early

Landus Cooperative Early, IA – 2022 LOCATION: Early, Iowa – 2022 BUSHELS: 2,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.52 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 372’ DESCRIPTION: Landus Cooperative had experienced some spoilage with their existing grain piles.  They wanted their additional storage in a covered, permanent facility to reduce the risk of spoilage and inferior grain quality.  Driven by the […]

Landus Cooperative – Mitchellville

Landus Cooperative Mitchellville, IA – 2022 LOCATION: Mitchellville, Iowa – 2022 BUSHELS: 4,000,000  COST PER BUSHEL: $2.35 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 660’ DESCRIPTION: When Landus decided to consolidate several of their smaller grain facilities to a new, large site, they turned to Macon to help them with their needs.  Their Mitchellville facility, just east of Des […]

Cooperative Producers – Exeter

Farmers Cooperative Exeter, NE – 2022 LOCATION: Exeter, Nebraska – 2022 BUSHELS: 2,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.78 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 372’ DESCRIPTION: With increased farmers’ yields, Farmers Cooperative found themselves in need of additional corn storage.  However, with the poor soil quality where they wished to expand, making the needed improvements would add significantly to […]

Cooperative Producers – Ragan

Cooperative Producers, Inc. Ragan, NE – 2022 LOCATION: Ragan, Nebraska – 2022 BUSHELS: 2,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.78 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 372’ DESCRIPTION: Cooperative Producers, Inc. was seeking a replacement for their existing ground pile.  They wanted a solution that was permanent that would reduce the intense labor required for using a ground pile.  In addition, […]

Ag Partners – Tarkio

Ag Partners Tarkio, MO- 2022 LOCATION: Tarkio, Missouri – 2022 BUSHELS: 3,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.22 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 528’ DESCRIPTION: Ag Partners had a problem on their hands at their Tarkio facility:  extremely wet soil due to close proximity to a nearby creek.  Wanting to maximize the space they had and also have additional […]

Ag Partners – Wamego

Ag Partners Wamego, KS – 2022 LOCATION: Wamego, Kansas – 2022 BUSHELS: 2,600,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.58 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 460’ DESCRIPTION: What started out as a labor-intensive ground pile ended up with a Macon building.   By adding an additional dump pit, Ag Partners was able to double their dump speed and have dedicated pits […]

Landmark Co-op

Landmark Co-op Evansville, WI – 2011 LOCATION: Evansville, WI – 2011 BUSHELS: 1,100,000  DIMENSIONS 150 x 292  DESCRIPTION  A storm in the summer of 2011 ripped apart Landmark Co-Op’s elevator temporary storage. They contacted Macon at the end of July and asked if we could put up a hoop building in place of the damaged […]

Mogler Farms

Mogler Farms Lester, IA – 2011 LOCATION: Lester, IA – 2011 BUSHELS: 600,000 DIMENSIONS 110 x 252 DESCRIPTION In 2011 Macon built a hoop facility for a large-scale farmer who was starting an elevator. Desiring the flexibility to store fertilizer in addition to grain, we installed hot dipped galvanized trusses which resist corrosion. Also featured […]

Farmers Co-op

Farmers Co-op Halstead, KS LOCATION: Halstead, KS BUSHELS: 1,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.68 DESCRIPTION In 2011 this elevator was looking into concrete silos, but discovered that hoop had much better payback. They went with all the bells and whistles, filling the building every year and capitalizing on a very good wheat carry. They needed a […]

Mid Kansas Co-op

Mid Kansas Co-op Burns, KS LOCATION: Burns, KS BUSHELS: 880,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.80 DESCRIPTION Mid Kansas Co-op was looking to diversify their contractors in order to find better pricing and the savings Macon could offer landed the deal. This small town elevator needed to expand capacity and gain market share in the area. Upright […]