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Columbia Grain – Wolf Point

Columbia Grain Wolf Point, Montana – 2024 LOCATION: Wolf Point, Montana – 2024 BUSHELS: 1,500,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $3.50 DIMENSIONS: 180’ x 288’ DESCRIPTION: Macon worked with Columbia Grain at their rail facility in northeast Montana. They needed additional storage and receiving for wheat, as well as some upgrades to their existing infrastructure. Macon installed […]

Penny Newman – Stockton

Penny Newman Stockton, California – 2024 LOCATION: Stockton, California – 2024 BUSHELS: 800,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $3.36 DIMENSIONS: 130’ x 236’ DESCRIPTION: Penny Newman’s port facility in Stockton, California needed additional storage to aid their growing demand. This new Macon building will store a wide variety of commodities for import and export, primarily an assortment […]

Cooperative Producers, Inc – Saronville

Cooperative Producers, Inc Saronville, Nebraska – 2023 LOCATION: Saronville, Nebraska – 2023 BUSHELS: 3,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $3.12 DIMENSIONS: 180’ X 528’ DESCRIPTION: Sometimes owning is believing. After CPI built their first hoop building in Ragan, NE, they realized how well our building performed, and decided to build 2 more the following year. They put […]

Mogler Farms

Mogler Farms Lester, IA – 2011 LOCATION: Lester, IA – 2011 BUSHELS: 600,000 DIMENSIONS 110 x 252 DESCRIPTION In 2011 Macon built a hoop facility for Mogler Farm’s who was starting an elevator. Desiring the flexibility to store fertilizer in addition to grain, we installed hot dipped galvanized trusses which resist corrosion. Also featured the […]

Farmers Co-op

Farmers Co-op Halstead, KS LOCATION: Halstead, KS BUSHELS: 1,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.68 DESCRIPTION In 2011 Farmers Co-op looked into concrete silos but discovered that hoop had much better payback. They went with all the bells and whistles, filling the building every year and capitalizing on a very good wheat carry. They needed a stand […]

Mid Kansas Co-op

Mid Kansas Co-op Burns, KS LOCATION: Burns, KS BUSHELS: 880,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.80 DESCRIPTION Mid Kansas Co-op was looking to diversify their contractors in order to find better pricing and the savings Macon could offer landed the deal. This small town elevator needed to expand capacity and gain market share in the area. Upright […]

Ag Valley Co-op

Ag Valley Co-op Maywood, NE – 2012 LOCATION & YEAR: Maywood, NE – 2012 DIMENSIONS 150 x 268 FEATURES: Underground reclaim tunnel, receiving and leg boot pit, conveyor to load building, load-out tank, above floor aeration, in floor air, MaconMaximizer™ DESCRIPTION Ag Valley Co-op had many ground piles and wanted to manage their risk by […]

Morrill Elevator

Morrill Elevator Morrill, KS – 2012 LOCATION: Morrill, KS – 2012 BUSHELS: 1,000,000 DIMENSIONS 150 x 244 DESCRIPTION JR Isch, owner of Morrill elevator, was looking for cost effective, permanent storage. In the past he constructed steel bins, but was looking for better ROI. Macon constructed the hoop in 2012 and installed in-floor aeration. The […]


Co-Alliance Malden, IN – 2013 LOCATION: Malden, IN – 2013 BUSHELS: 2,100,000 DIMENSIONS 180 x 340 DESCRIPTION In 2013 Co-Alliance was looking to replace their 1.5 million bushels round ground pile with a permanent structure, but had a limited budget that prevented them from erecting steel bins. They had the perfect location for this large […]

River Valley Co-op

River Valley Co-op DeWitt, IA – 2014 LOCATION: DeWitt, IA – 2014 BUSHELS: 2,100,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.84 DIMENSIONS 180 x 396 DESCRIPTION In 2014 Macon installed a hoop building and large transfer conveyor which allowed River Valley Co-op to transfer from existing infrastructure and through the new dump pit, which increased receiving capacity. Features […]