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D E Bondurant Grain Co.

Ness City, KS - 2021


D E Bondurant Grain Company Ness City, KS






130’ x 208’


The main reason most of our customers choose to go with Macon is for the significant savings we offer over other permanent storage options. However, for this milo building in western Kansas, they chose Macon for a different reason. They were tired of fighting the caking and build up from the milo on their existing upright storage, so they chose a Macon hoop building to alleviate the problems. The 18’ concrete walls and clear span design make for a pain-free storage and reclaim process. The flush floor aeration and pit reclaim allow them to easily move their grain back to the leg and fill their 5000 bu loadout tank. 1/7th flush floor aeration, 1,000 bu dump pit, 1,000 bu pit reclaim, 15,000 bph overhead belt conveyor, 5,000 bu loadout tank
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