Rumbold & Kuhn

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  • Location:
    Princeville, IL - 2015
  • Bushels:
  • Cost per bushel:
  • Dimensions
    180 x 486
Macon contacted Rumbold & Kuhn to enquire if they ever thought about putting up hoop buildings versus temp storage or bins. They said the temp storage in Princeville was a thorn in their side, but it was a lot of bushels and they didn't necessarily think there would be a good ROI to do away with it and put in permanent storage. There was already a good asphalt floor in place, so once Macon showed that their cost per bushel was actually very reasonable by using their existing infrastructure, Rumbold decided to convert their 1.5m temp storage to 2.7m permanent storage. Features include: Conveyor to load building, above floor aeration, 500 bu dump pit.