The Andersons

Union City, TN - 2015
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  • Location:
    Union City, TN - 2015
  • Bushels:
  • Cost per bushel:
  • Dimensions
    130 x 220
This facility had a steel building fail in 2015, causing an avalanche of corn to spill across the street and up to the porch of the house on the other side. They wanted to maximize the number of bushels they could store in the same footprint of the old building, but the area was too small to install our Macon Maximizer™ grain curtain. Instead, we extended the height of the concrete walls to 22 feet. In addition to space constraint, our engineers faced the challenge of constructing on a fault line, leveling seismic loads and integrating the design into their pre-existing fill conveyor. Features Include: Above Floor Aeration.