Central Prairie Co-op

Chase, KS
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    Chase, KS
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Macon began conversations with Central Prairie Coop in July 2014. Assessing their storage capacities, predicted harvest, and commodity prices, it was evident they needed permanent storage for another million bushels. With lower cost-per-bushel than steel bins, we recommended constructing a 150’ by 268’ hoop building. They report better grain quality than their bins and are currently in conversation with Macon about the next project.
  • Reclaim tunnel and conveyor
  • Aeration trenches
  • 1000 bu dump pit
  • Bucket elevator and tower
  • Load out tank
  • MaconMaximizer™

“Our hoop shed keeps our wheat closest to original quality as possible. Ground piles have caused me grain quality issues in the past, and unlike bins, we can see and evaluate the grain quality within the hoop safely. Very minimal spoilage and a couple strong years on carry and we’ve already reached a dollar-per-dollar payback with the stored bushels. We’re very glad we decided not to wait another year or so to make this investment.”
—Max Mobley,