Farmers Co-op

Reynolds, NE - 2021
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  • Location:
    Reynolds, NE - 2021
  • Bushels:
  • Cost per bushel:
  • Dimensions
    180’ x 372’
Farmers Coop had looked at hoop buildings for quite a few years, but didn’t pull the trigger on any of them. However, after receiving their soils report back for a project they were considering at Reynolds, they realized that building upright storage was just not feasible due to the incredibly low soil bearing pressure. One of the huge advantages of a Macon hoop building is the ability to be cost-effectively redesigned to accommodate poor soil conditions. The end result is they now have 2 million bushels of permanent space for a very competitive price. 1/7TH above floor aeration, 1,000 bu dump pit, 20,000 bph overhead belt conveyor, 10,000 bph Reclaim belt conveyor, 6,000 loadout tank, MaconMaximizer™