General Contracting

Engineering Services

Modern commodity industries require constant innovation and technical problem solving. In order to serve our clients the best product available, our senior agricultural engineer has spent years doing in-house design and 3D modeling on AutoCad, patenting our MaconMaximizer™ and MaconFortress™ technologies. Born and raised on farms, our personal experience give us the context we need to solve your problem with industry-leading engineering.

Concrete Construction

In 2014 Macon Construction started pouring concrete in-house in order to be able to deliver a more cost effective, higher quality, and timely product. From planning to pouring, we take pride in our equipment, staff, and technique. We’ve got the team and equipment to handle the job: 42-meter pump truck, 18′ tall gang forms, Midi Excavator, three semi trucks, Simons concrete forms, and a 70-men crew. By combining the excavation and concrete trades, we can produce efficient and accurate results to any size project.

Structural Steel Fabrication

The benefits of structural steel— flexibility, strength, weight, and cost— can only be exploited by experienced, industry experts like our certified welders. In our decade path toward creating the most efficient grain storage technology on the market, we’ve developed a highly capable team of steel fabricators that can build materials and components to any customer specifications in our 50,000 sq ft manufacturing space.

Millwright Services

Millwrighting is the art of installing and ensuring the operational efficiency of heavy industrial machinery. From our experience in grain storage construction, installing complex steel systems such as elevators and conveyors, we’ve gained the experience and skill necessary to get the job done.