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Michlig Grain

Sheffield, IL


Sheffield, IL






Toward the middle of 2018, Michlig Grain was considering building a hoop building in 2019, and even began doing some preliminary dirt work. Michlig and Macon started talking in May 2018 and it became evident that Michlig would benefit from having the building a year early. This quick-moving project went from opening conversations in May to a contract in June, pouring the floor in early July to completion in mid-October, and was filled to capacity within a matter of a few weeks. Macon’s concrete and millwright crews give great flexibility to start and complete projects on a timeline that works for the customer. This 180’x372’, 2 million bushel building came in at around 1/3 of the price of steel bins and keeps grain in better condition according to the customer.


Receiving system

2 load out tanks

2 small reclaim conveyors




“Our project was around one third the cost of putting up steel bins after factoring in the legging systems and conveyors. Macon provided exceptional, on-time delivery. Everyone delivered on what they said they would, making this one of the best projects I’ve been involved in in my thirty-plus years of business.”
—Donald King, Owner

“It’s amazing how fast it went; we hit our timeline six days ahead. From the time they showed up to the time we took grain there was never any hiccups on the project. It went smoother than any projects we have done. We put 2 million bushels into our hoop in a matter of 3-4 weeks without ever having to stop because of a break down or adjustment. It’s outstanding.”
— Ryan Kerber, Operations and Construction Manager