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Mendota, IL - 2020
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  • Location:
    Mendota, IL - 2020
  • Bushels:
  • Cost per bushel:
  • Dimensions
    150’ x 292’
When Northern Partners decided to put up a new hoop building to increase storage, little did they know that they would also be using their hoop as a storm shelter. During the Spring of 2021, a storm blew through their facility with 100+ mph winds. Mitch Allen, Operations Director, reported, "The wind tore up a grain leg which fell on top of a bin and there was a lot of debris flying around, but the hoop building stood tall and proud with NO damage." Head to the HOOP! 1/7th Above-floor aeration, 1,000 bu dump pit able to dump both hoppers simultaneously, MaconMaximizer™, 15,000 bph bucket elevator, 15,000 overhead fill conveyor, partial reclaim that extends out of the building to feed 6,000 bu loadout tank.