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The Andersons

The Andersons Union City, TN – 2015 LOCATION & YEAR: Union City, TN – 2015 BUSHELS: 800,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.59 DIMENSIONS: 130 x 220 DESCRIPTION The Andersons had a steel building fail in 2015, causing an avalanche of corn to spill across the street and up to the porch of the house on the […]

The Lansing Group 2

The Lansing Group Grayridge, MO LOCATION: Grayridge, MO BUSHELS: 1,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.65 DESCRIPTION Macon worked with Lansing’s project manager while he was at Gavilon, and when he took a new job with Lansing, he called on Macon to provide pricing on a hoop structure at the Grayridge, Mo facility. Lansing already had a […]

The Lansing Group

THE LANSING GROUP Delhi, LA – 2015 LOCATION & YEAR: Delhi, LA – 2015 BUSHELS: 4,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.20 DIMENSIONS: 180 x 720 DESCRIPTION DCIM101MEDIADJI_0027.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0031.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0036.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0039.JPG This 2015 project represents our “economy” line, lacking anything but the essentials. We installed side draw gates, built into the concrete wall, allowing them to reclaim […]

Ag Producers

Ag Producers Spearman, TX LOCATION & YEAR: Spearman, TX – 2016 BUSHELS: 2,200,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.57 DIMENSIONS: 180 x 396 DESCRIPTION Macon began construction in this very high-wind area in the summer of 2016. A tornado tore through the trusses mid-construction, setting us back a week. Luckily, the damage was covered by insurance. Once […]

Bartlett Grain

Big River Resources Great Bend, KS – 2016 LOCATION: Great Bend, KS – 2016 BUSHELS: 2,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.62 DIMENSIONS 180 x 340 DESCRIPTION This site became our poster child when Bartlett filled the building in 2016, stored the grain for four years, and then capitalized BIG on the carry. Only about fifteen bushels […]

Bartlett Grain

Bartlett Grain Jacksonville, IL LOCATION: Jacksonville, IL – 2016 BUSHELS: 3,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.59 DESCRIPTION Seeing the phenomenal performance of their recently completed hoop in Great Bend, Bartlett decided to build a second building at another large shuttle loader. With the full reclaim tunnel and the fill conveyor plow, they are able to partially […]

Gavilon Grain

Gavilon Grain Roachdale, IN LOCATION: Roachdale, IN BUSHELS: 1,300,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $2.50 DESCRIPTION Gavilon Grain’s project site soil quality was very poor, driving up the cost of steel bins due to the required sub-surface construction. Our foundation design for hoop buildings is easily altered to accommodate soil quality. With a pre-harvest construction period and […]

Big River Resources

Big River Resources Aledo, IL LOCATION: Aledo, IL BUSHELS: 2,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.51 DESCRIPTION Macon began conversations with Big River Resources in July 2018. Assessing their storage capacities, predicted harvest, and commodity prices, it was evident they needed permanent storage for another couple million bushels. With a pre-harvest construction period and total costs coming […]

Michlig Grain

Michlig Grain Sheffield, IL LOCATION: Sheffield, IL BUSHELS: 2,000,000 COST PER BUSHEL: $1.51 DESCRIPTION Toward the middle of 2018, Michlig Grain was considering building a hoop building in 2019, and even began doing some preliminary dirt work. Michlig and Macon started talking in May 2018 and it became evident that Michlig would benefit from having […]